Frequently asked questions (fAQs)

Q:How many MTV Sharks will be minted?

3,333 unique Sharks will be minted.

What is the price of the MTV Sharks on mint?

1-150: Given away as prizes

151-1000: 333 MTV per Shark

1001-1500: 444 MTV per Shark

1501-2000: 666 MTV per Shark

2001-3333: 999 MTV per Shark

What time is the mint?

New York - 2/28: 8PM

Los Angeles - 2/28: 5PM

Amsterdam - 3/1: 2AM

Dubai - 3/1: 5AM

Taipei - 3/1: 9AM

Tokyo - 3/1: 10AM

Q: What happens if something goes wrong during the mint? (Sometimes, shit happens)

A: The mint will be rescheduled for exactly 24 hours later. (I don't want anyone missing sleep over launches like I did, lol)

Q: What are the advantages of holding a Shark NFT?
A: There are several depending on how many you want to hold. If you hold at least 3 Sharks, you can participate in the DAO voting and activities. If you hold 9 or more Sharks, you can become a member of The Shark Club.

Q: Do the winners of the Design Your Own Shark Contest really get their Shark minted in the collection?

A: Absolutely! These three 1:1 pieces will appear at the end of the mint, so if you're lucky enough to be minting until the end, you'll have a higher chance of scoring these legit gems!